23 Juli 2011

Tips before you go to bali

Tips before you go to bali:
many interesting things I encountered when guests come to Bali to meet with tanfapreparation, starting from the direction of travel that do not know, do not know the interesting places, stay away from the tourist center, so take a holiday in Bali was useless. But if you prepare before going to Bali to perfection, then it will nothappen. Even if you spend only three days to feel the nature of Bali, you will feelsatisfied. few tips I will give to make it easier for you to spend some time in Bali:

  • Find information about Bali, such as hotels, restaurants, tourism centers, places of interest to visit, but if you participate in travel agent this is not important, the travel agent provide and give the information about this.

  •  Make sure the hotel / inn of your book is close to the tourist center of Bali in order to facilitate you in terms of transportation or to obtain a restaurant other than those provided in the hotel. Bali tourism centers such as Sanur, Kuta, Nusa-due and Ubud. In this place has provided comprehensive coverage hotels, restaurants,transportation, shopping malls, bars, cafes and other supporting facilities.

  •  Hotels in Bali usually use electricity 220V, with plug two. so prepare to make an adapter for you.

It was another very important in Bali are:

  • Forbidden to enter the temple if the woman has mestruation
  • Do not enter the temple area if you unwear sarongs.
If you need the other information about bali you can ask me by comment below, have a nice trip....

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